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How to go viral on TikTok 2020


How to go viral on TikTok

This article is about what types of videos go viral on TikTok easily and how to gain huge numbers of followers in a short time.

Most of the people think TikTok as a lip-syncing, acting or dancing platform. 
That’s not true. 
TikTok is a global short video platform where a user can post any type of short videos.

How TikTok Videos go viral

TikTok recommends videos to the users based on:
1. what kind of videos they watch most
2. which user's videos they watch most
3. what videos are trending in their location
4. What videos user's family members, friends or nearby users watched recently(based on your and other users IP address)

Choose a Video Category

If your videos belong to any of the following categories, your video might go viral.

1 Comedy or Humor or Meme
2 Magic or Video effects
3 Tips/Tricks or Learning
4 Animation
5 Gaming
6 Just entertainment
7 Sports
8 Dance
8 Food
9 Beauty and fashion 
10 Travel
11 Cosplay
12 Animals
13 Trending music, videos or Topics
14 Performances
15 Technology
16 daily life
17 Pop Culture
18 Music or Singing

If you are doing just lip sink to a piece of music or making videos without choosing a category above, it's difficult to go viral for your videos.

Videos for the right audience

TikTok first suggests your videos to some random peoples from your location. If you are living abroad make videos easy to understand to the people where you live. 

your videos might look good and have the potential to go viral but TikTok does not recommend your videos to a large number of users because users who watched your video first did not react(Like, comment, share or watch full video) to your video.

Use trending hashtags

Hashtags are important parts of social media in recent years, use trending hashtags that TikTok users can find your videos using the hashtag.

Make videos on trending songs or sounds

TikTok might suggest your videos to a large number of users if you make videos on trending songs and sounds.

Quantity does not matter

Do not post a lot of videos, you just need one video go viral to gain a huge number of followers, if your one video goes viral your next video also has a huge chance of going viral because TikTok will recommend your new videos to the users who reacted to your previous video.

Some other tips

  • Use poll option to your video
  • Use texts and stickers
  • Use effects to make more interesting videos
  • Sometimes reverse videos look satisfying
  • Camera angle and light is important in making videos
  • Whatever your eyes see beautiful could be the next viral video on TikTok, sometimes post other things rather than your face.
  • keep interacting with your followers, like and do reply to their comments. 

Most people think TikTok is a lip sinking or acting platform this is the biggest misunderstanding of a global video platform.

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